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Manali Yogashala is a Yoga & Movement Studio nestled in the heart of Indian Himalayas. The Shala is located in village Vashisht (Himachal Pradesh), well known for its natural hot water springs and a spectacular view of the snow clad mountains surrounding from all sides. Away from the hectic lifestyle of the city streets, the Shala provides you a peaceful environment to indulge into your daily Yoga Practice guided by our experienced teachers. Our classes offer students the opportunity to dive into the depths of Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana and an unified exploration of the human body through Movement. These practices are moulded as per the needs of the time by imparting an ancient wisdom with a contemporary approach. At Manali Yogashala we teach an evolution of Yoga developed by Yogi Rajat Thakur.

Rajat Thakur

"Yoga is not just a Work-Out, rather a Work-In"

Founder of Manali Yogashala, Yogi Rajat Thakur is based out of Manali. He grew up in the Himalayas and his love for the mountains raised him as a Climber, Skier and a Mountain Guide. It was in his Mountain Expeditions that he started teaching Yoga to the ones having a hard time acclimatising to the harsh Himalayan environment.

Having an intimate experience in various traditions of Yoga, Physical Disciplines and an inclination towards Spirituality, Anatomy and Psychology, Rajat is a uniquely equipped Yoga Teacher for the modern times.

His analytical research and background in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga and Movement Culture, enables him to blend aspects from each of these forms and dispense them dynamically at the Manali Yogashala.

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Nothing gives us more joy and purpose than being able to share the light of Yoga & Movement with our students. Starting your practice at Manali Yogashala means moving towards a higher possibility. No matter if you are new to the practice or already a practitioner, our classes will provide you tools that establish better physical & psychological health through Yoga and Movement. Our teaching is not just based out of one specific style of Yoga, rather it’s a versatile blend of components taken from a plethora of physical disciplines and different traditions of Yoga that meet the needs of the time & individuals. Your Practice at Manali Yogashala takes place in a serene location in the Himalayas which is a time of self exploration and transformation. We gradually work towards achieving mastery over the body and mind, building strength, balance & mobility as we reach an elevated state of consciousness for a spiritual purpose.

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“From the way you breathe to the way you engage yourself with the world, it all happens in a better harmony with Yoga.” _Rajat Thakur

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