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Embark with us at Manali Yogashala on a path towards self-transformation. Learn Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana and Movement to achieve an overall health physically, mentally and spiritually. Through these practices unleash human body potential, enhance energy levels, promote longevity and elevate consciousness for higher possibilities.


A holistic approach to get into Yoga Postures made accessible through right alignment, sequence, assistance and props for people of all ages & levels. Not just improving flexibility, strength, and balance but also understanding how they open up certain energy channels & alleviate diseases. With Asana we establish purification, health, comfort and control of the overall body.

Pranayama (Breath Work)

There are as many ways to breathe as there are foods to eat. Using different breath work regulate the body temperature, alter the production of hormones and awaken the dormant psychic centres. Our breath alone is capable of accomplishing so much and yet we take it for granted. In Pranayama we bring awareness and discipline into our breathing patterns and use it as a tool to tame the wild monkey mind.

Dhyana (Meditation)

Such are the pressures of modern life that there has never been a more restless world to live in. Dhyana is your ultimate freedom, a state of utter relaxation, where you just are and it is a sheer delight. The essential core here is to learn how to witness. The art of being a watcher, seeing all that is happening in and around you with awareness. Drop all the masks you wear and cultivate joy, peace and love through techniques that make you experience your truest self.


Our evolution from a fish to what we are today is because of leaving behind the comforts of operating in our regular movement patterns and embracing new ones. Use the most potent parts from a wide spectrum of physical disciplines for the sake of self-exploration and development through Movement. This practice involves animal locomotion, gymnastics, object manipulation, partner-work, dance, handstands, floor-work, and way much more. Move with understanding move with more freedom.

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